Sunday, 20 February 2011

Mystery Box Cupcake Challenge & Hi Hat Cupcakes

I have had cupcakes on my brain lately. Nothing new there. When looking for insipiration I keep finding these great food (and more to the point - cupcake)blogs and was really intrigued when I saw the headline "Mystery Box Cupcake Challenge" on a blog called Sweetest Kitchen.

Every month Sweetest Kitchen arranges a worldwide cupcake challenge where there is one ingredient which has to be used in the cupcakes and then write a post about it. From what I can see, there are some fantastic prizes for the winner of the challenge (see links below) and I decided that for once I will try to enter a cupcake competition! Scary!

The rules aren't very complicated - you can read more about them here: Cupcake Mystery Box Rules

This month the challenge is to bake a chocolate cupcake WITH A TWIST. That is, the base of the cupcake has to be chocolate (not very hard as I love chocolate), but the twist is to add an ingredient/flavour to the cake (or the frosting - maybe something one doesn't usually see paired up with chocolate.

What a great challenge! I started brainstorming straight away and my first thought was bacon. I have seen a lot of cupcake recipes paired with maple syrup and bacon and thought "why not a chocolate cupcake with bacon?" Then for the fun of it I checked the recipes of Sweetest Kitchen and what did I see? She has already baked a chocolate cupcake with bacon! So that idea goes out the window.

As I live in Greece there is one ingredient that is very local to this country - mastiha (mastixa)from the island of Chios, also known as mastic gum - which is the sap taken from lentisk trees. Mastiha is being used in many things, also sweets, so I thought it would make an interesting flavour to my chocolate cupcake for an international competition. I bought the mastiha, but somehow it still remains intact in my kitchen cupboard...

So what did I actually bake? Hi(gh) Hat Cupcakes! I saw a post from Bakerella a few months ago about Hi Hat Cucpakes and always wanted to make them, but didn't get around it until now.

Here are the normal-sized Hi Hat Cupcakes I baked

But they look like normal cupcakes dipped in dark chocolate, I hear you say. Where's the twist? I hear you! There are two twists to mine - firstly, I didn't use the traditionally marshmallowy frosting the Hi Hat cupcakes usually use - I used a yummy raspberry mousse frosting and secondly - after having dipped them in dark chocolate I decided to bake some mini cupcakes dipped in white chocolate too! Oh yes, still chocolate, but a twist to the original ones. When I image google for white chocolate hi hat cupcakes there is almost impossible to find a hi hat cupcake using white chocolate, so surely that is an important twist to mine? Humour me and let's say you agree :)

So there it is, my contribution to the Mystery Box Cupcake Challenge hosted by Sweetest Kitchen: WHITE CHOCOLATE HI HAT CUPCAKES!

I also added a bit of banana to the base to these ones - it worked splendidly together with the raspberry mouse and the white chocolate.

Cross your fingers for me - maybe I'm the lucky one to win the fanastic prizes from:

li>Angela's Images; a selection of handmade crafts
  • Bake It Pretty; a $5 electronic gift card

  • Beanilla; 3 Indian, 3 Tahitian & 3 Tonga vanilla beans

  • Hello Hanna; a pack of Sweet Stands cupcake stands

  • Miss Kitty Creations; a handmade cupcake charm of your choice

  • Simply Caked; 600 brown greaseproof cupcake liners

  • Sweet Cuppin Cakes; a prize pack worth $25

  • Tundra Books; a selection 3 very sweet children's books

  • In the meantime I leave you with one last photo of 3 white chocolate hi hat cupcakes - can you tell I unsuccessfully experimented with the lighting? Got to learn how to take better photos of my cupcakes!


    1. Hei Carine, fine cupcakes, og fin blogg. Lykke til, mvh Iris og

    2. Hei Carine.
      Kom til Norge og bak Cupcakes til oss i MAi/juni 08 gjengen ;)
      Hilsen Trudelutt ;)

    3. Hei Iris, tusen takk for kjempehyggelig kommentar!

      Trudelutt - vi får se hva fremtiden bringer ;)

    4. Naaaaam!!! Kjempefine kaker! Er enig med trude at du må komme til Norge å lage cupcakes til oss i juni-klubben.
      Lykke til i konkurransen! Klem Eva(evius)

    5. Hehe, Eva ;) Ingen umulighet! Men i mellomtiden er det lov å komme på besøk i Hellas :D

    6. *sikle* Synes godt du kan komme til Norge en tur med de lekre cupcakes`ene du disker opp med..

      Klem Kine (Tàri)

    7. Finner du en jobb til meg, så kommer jeg Kine ;)

    8. Du er fantastisk flink til å bake!! Det ser sååå godt ut!

      De har Ib Laursen på Eidskog Lys, ja. Og de er veldig billige. Muffinsformene kostet 29 kr stk. Jeg har sammenliknet med nettbutikker og der selges de for 39 (pluss frakt..)

      Klem Karen

    9. Tusen takk for kjempehyggelig kommentar, Karen!

      Info om Eidskog Lys er notert - mamma sendes ut på oppdrag! ;)

    10. Man kan også få kjøpt en del på Magnor torg!