Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Lavender cupcakes

It has somewhat taken me forever to continue this blog. I haven't stopped baking cupcakes though.

I am ridiculously proud of most of my cupcakes, so I think most of them deserve their own blog entry. I'll try to keep it short and sweet with some photos showing the cupcakes and my progress.

After the raving reviews of my daughter's baptism cupcakes, I tried a rather more complicated vanilla cupcake with a lavender cream filling and lime cream cheese frosting. I was inspired by Chockylit's lavender cupcakes, but the lavender cream failed spectacularly compared to the instructions, so I improvised and made my own lavender cream. I dare say it is probably better and it gives just the most perfect hint and taste of lavender, not too little and not too overpowering. Paired with the lush lime cream cheese frosting it is my most popular cupcake yet!

Here are some photos of my lavender cupcakes:

These have tiny handmade butterfly decorations made of homemade Marshmallowfondant (by that I mean that even the marshmallow was made from scratch!)

These are decorated with small crystalised violet petals, which I found on a trip to London.

These are decorated with homemade marshmallowfondant butterflies with blue sugar for a sparkly, glittery effect.

And finally the icing on the cake so to speak, lavender cupcakes with a handmade sugarpaste (homemade!) princess crown made for a little princess' birthday.


  1. De er alle sammen unike og bare helt utrolig flotte!! Jeg er overveldet over hvor flink du er, Carine!! Også har du lagd alt fra scratch, til og med pynten! *meget imponert*

  2. Tusen takk, Eva Ingunn! Jeg setter stor pris på kommentaren din!