Monday, 12 April 2010

Easter cupcakes

I know Easter is over, but I haven't had time to write this post earlier, so here goes!

My parents were visiting over from Norway and as we were going to Xalkidiki for the Easter weekend and I knew some neighbours and friends would be there as well I decided to make some cupcakes for everyone to enjoy. For me Easter treats are definitely all about chocolate (mostly together with marzipan), so clearly had to make chocolate cupcakes! A friend had brought some speckled chocolate eggs over from the UK, but I decided to make mini cupcakes for the first time, so had to make some marzipan eggs for the decoration this time. Lucikly I had bought some marizpan a few weeks earlier, so no need to make homemade marzipan this time!

I also had a banana that needed to be used so added that to the batter for lovely moist chocolate and banana cupcakes and teamed it with a chocolate cream cheese frosting. I definitely prefer the chocolate cream cheese frosting to the chocolate buttercream frosting. I wanted to create a little hen's nest with the eggs on for the frosting decoration, but apparently I am so used to make fairly nice topped swirls, so I got slightly carried away and forgot about the nest. A few cupcakes did have a little nest-feeling to it though! :)

I wanted to make another flavour in addition to the chocolate cupcakes as not everyone loves chocolate as much as I do, so was thinking of trying out a red velvet recipe, but knowing the red velvet cupcakes also contain cocoa I decided to go for a citrusy cupcake instead - lime cupcakes with lime cream cheese frosting. The recipe I got makes a moist and lovely tasting lime cupcake and the zest in the frosting really brings out the lime flavour - these were a big hit!

Although I went to bed late after making these cupcakes (obviously since I had started really late in the evening!) I loved, loved, loved making these mini cupcakes! They do not fill you up and leaves plenty of space to try a few flavours! I will definitely make more mini cupcakes from now on!

And so I leave you with this photo of five cute mini Easter cupcakes!


  1. Hi Carine: as usual I am left very impressed and very hungry after seeing and reading about your cupcakes..nice blog too!! When are you opening THE shop??

    chilean greatings,


  2. Thank you so much, guapa!
    Not sure when THE shop will be opened.. I think a nice home-based business to start off will do for the moment and I'll take it from there!
    When will you come back to Europe so we can meet up? Hope all is well and things slowly getting back on track after the earthquake?!

  3. Kjempefin blogg du har laget Carina!
    å bare tenk om du hadde bodd litt nærmere meg,så skulle du ha fått en del bestillinger ja! Jeg er så imponert over cupcakesene dine, får vann i munnen hver gang jeg ser bilde! men gjerne like greit at de ikke er tilgjengelige for da tror jeg slankingen min hadde gått rett vest! Lykke til videre! jeg har tro på at du kommer til å få nok cupcakes laging til å henge fingrene i fremover!

    Hilde *snuppa*